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Reaching the Vision

In this new season for Creative Spirits, we are going all out by expanding our reach and exploring new opportunities that will further our mission: "to transform broken lives into Creative Spirits"! We are putting forth a well-rounded, strategic approach to help others reach their desired life change. I am happy to share some of these exciting new opportunities with you.

Keeping our Reach

We have managed to keep our wide variety of services while adding several new services to extend our client reach. We still offer mental health counseling in several areas including marriage, couples, family, youth/adolescent, addictions, and court-ordered DUI and domestic violence treatment. We also provide supportive employment services and job placement through support from our key partners, the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and several housing associates. Our agency has become a quality training and development center for undergraduate and graduate-level therapists looking to gain ample hands-on experience. Our strategic partnerships span beyond the extent of counseling programs, but also with faith organizations, workforce programs, housing support, educational and community resources.

What’s New?

First, we are excited to bring new staff members on board with diverse specialty areas ready to serve people who desire hope and healing from the maladies of mental health issues. Secondly, we plan to develop a speaker’s bureau arm to host additional events & guest speaking services through seminars, workshops, and professional trainings both put on by Creative Spirits and/or alongside other collaborating entities. We also will be launching a new web show called "In the Multitude of Counsel", an online show bringing the knowledge and experience of Counselors together to address mental health issues. Lastly, we are in the final edits of two upcoming books scheduled to release this Fall entitled 90 Days of Power by Cassandra Gray and The Marriage Tune Up by Rev. Dr. Kilen & Cassandra Gray.

We are excited about the position that God has placed us in helping others to discover their life’s purpose and step into all he has created them to be. Our prayer is that as you continue to connect with us, that your life change and you become God's Created Spirit!

As founder and lead therapist at Creative Spirits, I’d personally want to thank all who have supported the vision and our business journey thus far. Myself and other staffers from my team will be blogging regularly on various topics and giving words of encouragement. Keep on looking and stay tuned, there is more to come!!

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