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Seasonal Emotions

It’s that seasonal Emotions time! This is the season that Depression and Anxiety is high. For some grief cycles heighten and feelings of loss and emptiness appear. Past hurts and trauma always tries to recycle its way to your heart. Recognize these deceitful triggers. It’s not negative that they return. It may not be the same issue but the feelings and senses recognize it’s beat. Dont let this repeat cycle beat you down. Don’t stuff it or pretend it is not there. Don’t resist it but let it come. Cry, scream, shout, dance, read, journal, meditate, exercise, walk, and or breathe to process these highjacker of emotions through. Get into therapy, hire a life coach or join a support group processing it allows you to get thru it and manage these distractors. Remember on the other side is your inward peace. You are worth your healing. Cassandra D. Harris-Gray is a motivational speaker, author and therapist with Creative Spirits Behavioral Health located in Louisville, KY

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