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Creative Spirits Behavioral Health welcomes our new staff and partners!! Our multidisciplinary team

Marsha Mays Burton, MSSW Case Manger, Yolonda Armstead, CSW, Therapist, Monica Flowers, Case Manager, Carmella Petty, Case Manager, and Osul Culver, CSW Therapist

Tracy Lenavitt, LPCA, Yolonda Armstead, CSW, TCADC, Cassandra D. Harris-Gray, MS, LCADC, Briana Davis, Marriage and Family Therapist Associate, Paul Culver, CSW and Walter Harris, MS, TCADC

Shinika McQuarter, Peer Support, Raechele Gray, MBA Community Director, Detroyia McGruder, Administrative Assistant

Jessica Harris, Office Detroyia McGruder, MBA


Stephanie Gentile, Intern

John Flannigan, Intern

Lisa Mc Near, LPCC Billing Supervisor

Damon Armstead, Intern

Yolonda Armstead, CSW

Monica Flowers, Case Manager

Carmella Petty, Case Manager

Cassandra D. Harris-Gray, CEO, Marsha Lynn Burton, MSSW 

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