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5 Strategies to Re-Energize Your Mind and Spirit

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed because your current life situation seems to have you stuck? In your mind, you recognize that you are no longer your past, but yet, you still have not received your promise either. Lodged in between “what I used to be” and “where I should be” is what I like to call your "in the meantime space!!" Those times in life where you feel like you are almost there, yet at the same feel as if this moment will last forever.

There have been many times in my own life where my waiting and anticipation for better seems to make time slowly drudge by. If you feel you can identify with this “stuck in the middle” area in your life, I have developed five strategies that I personally utilize to help re-energized my mind and spirit to make it through the pauses in my life. The word “Selah” is used in the holy bible in between scriptures to suggest a pause. Today, take a "Selah" to read these 5 tips to make it through your “in the meantime” status!!

Look at how far you have come

I have had so many trials in my life including sickness, loss and grief, heartaches, and headaches, not to mention my own mess-ups! Through it all God has brought me through!! I don't look like what I have been through!! Reflecting on those triumphs helps to ease the waiting period of our lives.

Believe in the promise.

Hold on to the promise that you are pointed toward something good. It is so easy to get distracted by life arrows, life drainers life pitfalls and life shortages these attack your person-hood, motivation and movement toward your goals!

Choose to take on an attitude of gratitude

Have an attitude of gratitude that is saturated with thanks and celebration. Each moment that you are alive and striving forward should be filled with reason to throw a party!!

Cherish the Journey

Life is a journey not a destination every round of our existence takes us forward toward our destiny. Live each day to its fullest accomplishing what you can and striving to complete what you haven't fulfilled.

Live one day at a time.

Sometimes our life plans can have us living in next month instead of the moment. Make your best effort to stay in the “now” and to focus on the needs for today. Tomorrow’s worries are to stay in tomorrow.

I hope that these five strategies are helpful to you as you move forward through your “stuck-in-the-middle” moments. Take the time to plan how to incorporate these strategies each day. And at the end of each day, celebrate the daily process of getting to your promise. Remember that in life, when you are waiting for the next door to open, "Praise him in the hallway".

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